Friendly Extremes in SL

So I’m kind of general observer of human nature and I’ve concluded there are extreme ends of the friendliness of SL residents. On the one end you have the friendly, quirky and inviting profiles which shout IM me, lets chat! On the other end you have the you had better have a very good reason to IM me or face my ridicule. One resident put her requirements to talk to someone she did not know in her profile and then continued it to fill two more Picks tabs with every reason not to IM her. It was essentially a list of all her pet peeves. One of them was people who just say “hello”. Well that’s about the best way I know of to start a conversation, right? Sometimes, just to see if I get ridiculed, I’ll do exactly what it says not to, and feign innocence regarding their profile. Some just refer me to their profile, and then I proceed to tell them that I probably don’t meet their requirements and have nothing interesting to say to them. I can sometimes get a “lol”, but some probably take me seriously. I’m kinda thinking the people with all the IM requirements should just put “DO NOT IM ME” in their profile, because that would save us all time.


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