Things Done Well. And Toss in the Charm.

When I’m in SL I often complement people on things done well.  And generally people respond positively.  In fact I can’t remember a negative response, a non-response maybe, but we all get those from time to time.    I often add that I make it an irregular habit of complementing things done well.  Adding that extra comment seems to make people more responsive and more conversational rather than a brief “ty”.  And if they are female a bit less suspicious of my underlying intention.  (ok, occasionally I have ulterior motives, but not all the time.)   Apparently not everyone gives complements because I’m often told that I’m charming.  I have never thought of myself as charming, I’m just me.

In many ways SL reflects RL.  There are only a handful, I approximate 10%, of things that are really quite exquisite.  Most everything else falls into the 80% and no comment on the last 10%.  I can hear my mother saying “If you can’t say something nice…  don’t say anything at all.”  It’s the variety though, that makes things interesting.  But even within that bottom 10% you may find a little gem of something done quite well.

The exquisite, well dressed, good-looking 10% enjoy the attention they deserve from the other 90%.  They have invested the time and effort to seek out the styles and shapes that make them appealing.  While not everyone lives their SL for fashion and looks, you have to admit that you enjoy looking at a well dressed attractive avi.   Mark Twain said something about naked people having little or no influence on society, that the clothes make the man.

Let’s face it, doing things well takes time and effort, not to mention a few Lindens.  The content creators that fall into the exquisite 10% have probably suffered through the lowest 10% category, graduated to the 80% and are now enjoying the fruits of the exquisite 10%.   Their countless invested hours have paid off.

When you see something done well, don’t forget to toss that complement, it may even reflect positively back to you and you will be seen as charming.   Even Shreck the ogre had a bit of charm.  Think of the possibilities of a world filled with civil and charming individuals.  Hey, a guy can dream.


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