A Matter of Etiquette in the Life of Second

So this morning while exploring some changes to a sim I often frequent I stumbled upon some individuals having a conversation.  I was attempting to be unobtrusive looking around with my viewer’s “radar” “zoom” cam function.  It’s a good way to look around, right?  You can look around at people without being in the immediate neighborhood.  Ok, so maybe its a bit pervish, I’ll admit I’m somewhat voyeurish, hey it’s Second Life, right?  I kinda thought most people liked to be seen, looked at, or even ogled over.  I’ve been known to do my share of ooogling *winks.  However I was informed that this type of behavior, i.e. camming from a distance, is considered on the rude side.  I made my apologies and claimed ignorance, which is true, and went about my wandering.  I couldn’t help but wonder why this function is built into the viewer if using the function is considered unwelcomed?  So I’m making a mental note to turn off the broadcast of where I’m looking… at least when I’m on that sim.   Grumbles…”Something else for me to research….”


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