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So I got an invite to Second Life Bloggers Community on my Google+ Account. I said yes and accepted the invite. Hey why not, I might even post a few more things… haha doubtful, but you never know ūüėČ Currently there are 82 members of this club and there are no dues. Not even a newsletter, lol, not yet anyway. If you are a blogger and are looking to get the word out about your blog posts, here is another place. Add it to the list! Don’t be a silent blogger like me, lol, keep blogging!


Dead End

Here’s my blog post at Dead End.¬† I’m probably gonna wander through… I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Trig. Sometimes I see that has a question not a salutation. Yes, the name’s Trig. You can call me Triago, my given name, but unless you pronounce it correctly I probably won’t respond. So just Trig… for now. It’s short, quick and easy, kinda like me in some ways.

I’m not short but not too tall either… The tall one’s have an advantage, they are imposing, the short ones, less so, unless maybe they are thick, you know, stalky, not dense. I’m in the middle, not imposing, not thick, sometimes not much of anything, especially the day after a night of having few drinks. I’m usually even-tempered, usually. I have buttons, like anyone, that can be pushed, but I prefer to keep them on my shirts.

The choice is yours. For me, it’s Mimi’s Choice

Ok, so I’m not much of a shopper.¬† I’m not a builder, nor a scripter.¬† In fact, about the only thing I can do well in SL is dance, lol.¬† I digress… shopping.¬† I dropped into Mimi’s Choice on a Menstuff¬†hunt some time ago (btw¬†there is a new Menstuff Hunt currently running until Dec 25th) and found the owner Mimi Juneau just waiting to answer my curious questions.¬† You see I don’t get a chance to talk to store owners often so sometimes I think I overwhelm them with my business questions.¬† But to her credit she answered them all and left me with a favorable impression.¬† I didn’t¬†purchase anything, just picked up the hunt piece and was not¬†contemplatign a blog post, until today.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Initially, what I found most interesting about Mimi’s was the¬†department store concept.¬†¬†Mimi’s felt like a department store, uncluttered, clean design, nice lighting, and a wide variety of quality clothes and accessories.¬† She¬†personally selects what she wants to display under her roof and she has just about anything a guy would need, from casual to formal,¬†to cover his bare @ss.¬† She has assembled a great selection of clothes and accessories from¬†top¬†quality designers.¬†

Just the other day I was there and picked up a cool jacket by Gizza.¬† My first of probably many future Gizza¬†purchases.¬† Then when I dropped in to Mimi’s today, she¬†greeted me and commented on the nice looking jacket.¬† She obviously¬†knows her inventory.¬† Anyway she suggested some¬†shoes with the jacket and showed me a couple of options.¬†¬†I tried on the demo.¬† I selected a small fat pack from Jeepers, nothing too expensive, I’m kinda cheap, 4 pairs for $L 500.¬† Bam… shoes completed!¬† ¬†What I liked about the shoes, which Mimi pointed out, is that they could be worn¬†with both dressy and casual outfits.¬†¬† More bang for the buck.

Mimi then notices that I wasn’t wearing an AO, I confess, something I just never got around to, remember, I’m not much of a shopper.¬† I couldn’t believe there was a small Vista Animation store¬†just across the the street.¬† Be sure to cross the street on the green light.¬† She has thought of just about everything.¬†¬†I especially liked the fact that she has a board to¬†tp directly to the individual shops if you are interested in looking at a larger selection of items from a particular designer.¬†¬†

So yes, clothes, shoes/boots, skin, hair and nearby some AO’s.¬† Just about all one needs to look great in their SL.¬† She has her hand selected things under four roofs, two for men and two for women.¬† I confess I didn’t go into the women’s stores, not yet anyway, lol.¬†¬†The four stores sit one across the¬†street from the other, each within easy walking¬†distance.¬†¬†¬†

So if you like to look good, but like many guys,¬†think shopping is a bit of a chore, or can’t decide what looks good, just drop into Mimi’s Choice and find Mimi or one of her helpful helpers and let them suggest an outfit for you.¬† I don’t believe you will be disappointed.¬†¬†

Trig’s Rating: Highly Recommended

Pros: Helpful/knowledgeable owner and staff, nice store layout/design/display, everything on one level (no stairs), good default lighting, wide selection of quality goods, no need to tp to several different stores because everything is under one or two roofs i.e., not a mall, not stall-like. 

Cons:  Found new favorite designers that will cost me some serious $Lindens.  Oh well, somebody has to keep the SL economy going.

Link to Mimi’s Choice blog.

Friendly Extremes in SL

So I’m kind of¬†general observer of human nature and I’ve concluded there are extreme ends of the friendliness¬†of SL residents. On the one end you have the friendly, quirky¬†and inviting profiles which shout IM me, lets chat! On the other end you have the you had better have a very good reason to IM me or face my ridicule. One resident put her requirements to talk to someone she did not know in her profile and then continued¬†it to fill two more Picks tabs with every reason not to IM her. It was essentially¬†a list of all her pet peeves. One of them was people who just say “hello”. Well that’s about the best way I know of to start a conversation, right? Sometimes, just to see if I get ridiculed, I’ll do exactly what it says not to, and feign¬†innocence regarding their profile. Some just refer me to their profile, and then I proceed to tell them that I probably don’t meet their requirements and have nothing interesting to say to them. I can sometimes get a “lol”, but some probably take me seriously. I’m kinda thinking the people with all the IM requirements should just put “DO NOT IM ME” in their profile, because that would save us all time.