The Short People of Dark Den

Ok, so I’ve been testing out my limited role-playing skills in a small town known as the Dark Den. There have been a host of changes around the sim lately. The most noticeable is the owners penchant for realistic height-sized avatars. Upon tp entry into he area there is a whole lesson about what are average sizes in SL.  I really can’t figure out the sim owners obsession over this, except possibly with smaller everything one can build more stuff into a smaller area. Anyway for a few days I went around bumping my head on doorways, then peeking inside and sitting on something to enter. Call me lazy, but I just didn’t want to change my avatar’s height I suppose. But lately it seems I can get through doorways without problems.  Phantom overhead beams or something.  I have to say initially it was a ‘barrier’ to making return visits not to mention those bumps on my forehead were not attractive.

The good part of the equation is there is great potential for fun as the owners have built-in role play suggestions that populate local chat as you wander about. There are some RLV things which I have little knowledge of, but they offer informational classes on RLV and also on Open Collar. Talk about irony, the open collars are always firmly locked around the wearer’s neck. But I digress, there’s also a certification process to achieve role play ‘rock star’ status. Apparently the sim owners and managers want to build up a generation of good role players for that they should be commended and I’ll forgive them for the height obsession.

Fun Things to do in the Dark Den

While I’m not usually a shoot-em-up game player, there is a special gun available to visitors.  With the special gun, if you are shot in this arena, you lose an article of clothing. If you don’t run after the first few shots you may find yourself a captive and we all know where that my lead you (insert your own adult content thought here).

So if you find yourself looking for something to do in SL, take a walk on the wild side and visit the Dark Den.  Pick up a gun, pick up your passport to greater role-playing skills and wear your RLV thing set to auto.  You may be glad you did.  *winks*