Blame the Vehicle?

For some odd reason I have been running into people who want to talk about the ills of SL.  I kinda don’t get it.  They have expounded, somethimes at length, about how SL has ruined their friend’s perfectly good RL relationships.  These same people then give me the third degree about may activities in SL.  Ok, that’s partially my fault, maybe I should hide some of THOSE groups, lol. 

I assume that their friends, who, let’s face it, may have maybe made some RL mistakes, are adults and take responsibility for their actions.  But that may be assuming too much.  I have concluded that these people that I’m running into don’t want to find fault with their friend’s actions, but would rather blame the vehicle of the virtual world.  It’s like saying the automobile is bad because women have gotten accidentally pregnant in the back seat.  People are human, we all make mistakes and may regret decisions that we make, but to blame the car, the vehicle, well, no I don’t think so. 

What’s even more perplexing and somewhat ironic, to a degree, is these people that I have run into, it’s only been a couple of people, but their theme was quite similar, are in the very place, Second Life, that they claim caused the problems.