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So I got an invite to Second Life Bloggers Community on my Google+ Account. I said yes and accepted the invite. Hey why not, I might even post a few more things… haha doubtful, but you never know ūüėČ Currently there are 82 members of this club and there are no dues. Not even a newsletter, lol, not yet anyway. If you are a blogger and are looking to get the word out about your blog posts, here is another place. Add it to the list! Don’t be a silent blogger like me, lol, keep blogging!


Blame the Vehicle?

For some odd reason I have been running into people who¬†want to talk about¬†the ills of SL.¬† I kinda don’t get it.¬†¬†They¬†have expounded, somethimes at length,¬†about how SL has ruined their friend’s perfectly good RL relationships.¬† These same people then give me the third degree about may activities in SL.¬† Ok, that’s partially my fault,¬†maybe I should hide some of THOSE groups, lol.¬†

I assume that their friends, who, let’s face it,¬†may have maybe made some RL mistakes, are adults and take responsibility for their actions.¬† But that may be assuming too much.¬† I have concluded that these people that I’m running into don’t¬†want to find fault with their friend’s¬†actions, but would rather blame the vehicle of the virtual world.¬† It’s like saying the automobile is bad because women have gotten accidentally pregnant in the back seat.¬† People are human, we all make mistakes and may regret decisions that we make, but to blame the car, the vehicle, well, no I don’t think so.¬†

What’s even more perplexing and somewhat ironic, to a degree, is these people that I have run into,¬†it’s¬†only been a couple of people, but their theme was quite similar, are in the very place, Second Life,¬†that they claim¬†caused¬†the problems.¬†¬†

Strawberry’s Fields of Social

Strawberry’s Fields of Social

As if her blog isn’t enough… Straberry Singh puts together a nice¬†list of where you can find her on the social media side of the Interweb.¬† As usual she does a great job explaning how she uses each site.¬† I have checked many of the sites out, and have joined several, but I don’t always have the time to keep up¬†and post regularly.¬†¬†Some on her list I’m not familiar with.¬† Sighs…¬†now I have self-imposed homework, lol.