Second Life Bloggers Community

SL Bloggers
So I got an invite to Second Life Bloggers Community on my Google+ Account. I said yes and accepted the invite. Hey why not, I might even post a few more things… haha doubtful, but you never know ūüėČ Currently there are 82 members of this club and there are no dues. Not even a newsletter, lol, not yet anyway. If you are a blogger and are looking to get the word out about your blog posts, here is another place. Add it to the list! Don’t be a silent blogger like me, lol, keep blogging!


Strawberry’s Fields of Social

Strawberry’s Fields of Social

As if her blog isn’t enough… Straberry Singh puts together a nice¬†list of where you can find her on the social media side of the Interweb.¬† As usual she does a great job explaning how she uses each site.¬† I have checked many of the sites out, and have joined several, but I don’t always have the time to keep up¬†and post regularly.¬†¬†Some on her list I’m not familiar with.¬† Sighs…¬†now I have self-imposed homework, lol.

Dead End

Here’s my blog post at Dead End.¬† I’m probably gonna wander through… I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Trig. Sometimes I see that has a question not a salutation. Yes, the name’s Trig. You can call me Triago, my given name, but unless you pronounce it correctly I probably won’t respond. So just Trig… for now. It’s short, quick and easy, kinda like me in some ways.

I’m not short but not too tall either… The tall one’s have an advantage, they are imposing, the short ones, less so, unless maybe they are thick, you know, stalky, not dense. I’m in the middle, not imposing, not thick, sometimes not much of anything, especially the day after a night of having few drinks. I’m usually even-tempered, usually. I have buttons, like anyone, that can be pushed, but I prefer to keep them on my shirts.